Moonstone Copper Thermoplastic Sheets
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Moonstone Copper Thermoplastic Sheets

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Moonstone Copper are decorated thermoplastic sheets with high impact resistance and are available in a wide variety of patterns and colors.

Sheets can easily be cut to size with razor knives or scissors. It can also be applied to many substrates with pressure sensitive adhesive strips and be used for retrofits and DIY applications. 


  • Commercial Market Uses:
  • Office - desks, storage cabinets, reception, etc.
  • Education cabinets, high impact areas
  • Healthcare furniture, equipment, high impact areas
  • Hospitality restaurants, bar & counter fronts, hotels/motels
  • Store & Bank Fixtures
  • Interior Doors, Kiosk Fronts & Elevator Cab Interiors-including high impact areas Wall Panels
  • Recreational Market Uses: Boat Interiors
  • Coach Interiors Residential Market Uses:
  • Occasional Furniture tables, cabinets, etc. Novelty and Juvenile Furniture
  • DIY and Renovations 


  • Use standard tools normally used for fabrication of HPL sheets. Tools such as scissors and razor knives will cut this product. Routers, saw blades and drilling tools for thermoplastics are also suitable.
  • Lamination Like HPL, MirroFlex Structures sheets can be bonded with contact cement, but you must use a product compatible with PVC.