Door Skins Woodgrain Vinyl
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Door Skins

Woodgrain vinyl with adhesive is perfect for both commercial and home use.

Instantly transform your project with our woodgrain vinyl that is easy to use. 

Thin ***  Flexible ** Durable Vinyl is perfect for walls, doors, cabinets, furniture and more.

Woodgrain vinyl can also be used as Door Skins. Apply woodgrain vinyl over existing flat panel doors for a new, fresh look without the expense.

Skip the time consuming installation of new doors and the price! With this environmentally friendly solution, you no longer have to send olddoors to the landfill.

  • Door Skins feature:

  • Stock Collection

  • Adhesive Backing

  • Easy Adhesion and Fabrication

  • High Impact and Chemical Resistance

  • UV Stability

  • Can be Fire Rated – depends on type of adhesive and type of door

  • Cut to fit most common door sizes


  • Item #: doorskin

Door Skins Woodgrain Vinyl

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