Exterior Chrome ABS thermoplastic sheet
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Exterior Chrome ABS Plastic Sheets - for flat panel application only.

Please note: we offer Chrome ABS sheets for vacuum forming - please call to discuss options 252.638.6684

Exterior Chrome ABS Plastic Sheets is perfect for providing a custom look for your car, truck or SUV (rocker panels, emblems, dash panels, etc).

Chrome Sheets works perfectly on any flat or curved surface. Will not chip, tear or corrode. 

  • Light weight and flexible, yet completely rigid when laminated.
  • Flat panel application only
  • We also offer “vacuum formable” Chrome Sheets - please call to discuss options:
    • Have impact, chemical and stain resistant properties.
    • Are easy to fabricate and install
    • Can be cut, screen printed or cut with scissors
    • Other patterns available include: brushed aluminum, brush gold, brushed stainless, argent silver, argent gold.
    • Mad in the USA and UPS shippable.


Sample chips available upon request. 

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Exterior Chrome Plastic ABS sheets

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