Opaque Acrylic Sheets - Black, White, Red or Blue
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Opaque Acrylic Sheets - Black, White, Red or Blue 


Acrylic DR® is an impact modified thermoplastic acrylic resin formulated for injection molding and extrusion applications. It is a heat resistant resin that provides 10 times the impact resistance of standard acrylics. It is an all-acrylic resin that combines the toughness associated with other impact plastics and the outstanding transparency and UV resistance of conventional acrylic materials. Moldflow simulation data is available.

Appearance: Clear/Transparent; Colors Available; Opaque; Translucent

Characteristics: High Clarity; Scratch Resistant; Good Color Stability; Good Dimensional Stability; Low Shrinkage; Good Thermal Stability; Good UV Resistance; Good Weather Resistance; Good Toughness; High Impact Resistance

Applications: Automotive Applications; Lighting Diffusers; Capstock; Sanitary Products; Consumer Applications; Displays

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Opaque Acrylic Sheets - Black, White, Red or Blue

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